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             English Teaching Department

            Each one in English Teaching Department is cooperative, diligent, hard-working and positive . The department, which is an active and realistic team keen on reform and innovation,  always puts the education goals of Yuedong Experimental School of South China Normal University in the first place.
            Now there are 24 teachers in it, with  the undergraduate rate 100%. It has won the Advanced Group Award of Yuedong Experimental School of South China Normal University several times, the Advandced Youth Award of Jieyang City , and the first prize in"Jie Yang English talent competition" . More than one member has obtained provincial or municipal honors.
            It preserves the education philosophy of Yuedong Experimental School of South China Normal University-- "To cultivate modern men of high quality by completely contemporary education", and adheres to the principle of " comprehensive educating, all-staffed cultivating, occasion exploiting, individualized instructing". It also respects individual characteristics and especially pursues unity and cooperation, with everyone playing an important part in it. In their daily teaching and research, they lay great stress on autonomy, interaction and progress between teachers and students in teaching and learning. And they also hammer at the comprehensive training of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and strive to create a language atmosphere for students to put their skills into practice.
            Team spirit: In education we are striving not to teach youth to make a living , but to make a life .




    教學科組欄目測試  2012-01-20
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